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AP Language and Composition - Summer Reading


Over the summer, students taking AP English Language and Composition at Eleanor Roosevelt High School are required to select a piece from the AP Nonfiction Book list. Students are encouraged to purchase their own copies, while others can be found at the local public library (exclude ERHS' textbook supply). Students must read the book and keep a response log. The log is due the first day of school. Please note, however, that you may attend this summer's AP/HONORS SUMMER INSTITUTE (June 4th-7th) as a way of fulfilling the summer reading since we will be covering the required work during the institute.


To download Assignment: CLICK HERE

To download Reading List: CLICK HERE

A. Read and Respond

Read your choice of literature from the given book list and keep a Reading Log in a spiral notebook. In your log your purpose is:

  1. 1) Understand an author's specific audience(s), purpose(s), and message(s).

  2. 2) Identify and explain how the author achieves (or does not achieve) their purpose(s).

  3. 3) Identify the piece's potential or literal effects upon our society or global community.

When you are reading for the causes and effects, pay particular attention to the following categories:

  • Political
  • Social
  • Psychological
  • Economic

The Reading Log must be typed. Every entry should be labeled with the date, chapter heading(s), and page numbers. You should have at least one response per chapter. The length of your responses may vary according to the chapter length.

You may add whatever notes, observations, etc. you find helpful. Be sure to record good questions to explore also!

Because increased word power and vocabulary will also be an emphasis in the class, we strongly suggest that you learn at least twenty-five new words as you read this book. Do this by writing the word, page number, the phrase or sentence where you found it, and an appropriate definition from a dictionary. Include this personal word list as a section of your response log.

The best reading logs have the following characteristics:

  1. Covers the entire book with consistent quality.
  2. Is well organized and easy to read. This is achieved by use of text features (chapter titles and subheadings) to organize and record information. Also, uses bold or underlining to identify key terms and concepts.
  3. Sometimes cites text directly and includes page numbers in parenthesis following the citation.
  4. Includes both summary and response (commentary on what you have read, your thinking in response to what you have read).
  5. Sometimes includes important information, data, etc. in a modified outline or bulleted format and records response and commentary following that in paragraph form.
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