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2020-21 Summer and Course Selection

2020-21 Summer and School Year Course Selection

Courses for Summer 2020 and the 2020-21 school year will be selected between mid-February to the end of March. Mrs. Cabal and Mrs. Castanon will meet with students through AP Lang/LA3 (11th grade), LA2/2H (10th grade), Engineering or Computer Science (9th grade), and ARIS and RHIS in March (8th grade). Current 8th grade students coming from schools other than ARIS or RHIS will be placed in introductory courses for 9th grade until individual meetings in April-May.

Summer 2020:

Current 8th (recommendations, not mandatory):

  • eSTEM Language Arts Summer Reading for all incoming 9th graders
  • Math 8 Bridge: For Math 8 students who earn a B or better and want to learn the material which will be covered in Integrated Math 1. Students who successfully complete this bridge program (A, B, or C grades) will be recommended by the district to start 9th grade at the Integrated Math 2/2 Enhanced level. This course is through CNUSD.
    • This course is only recommended by the counselor if your student is relatively strong in math. Otherwise, the essential jump from Math 8 to Integrated Math 2 may be too big.
    • There are in person and online options for this course.

Current 9th, 10th, and 11th grade:

Summer 2020 will be from June 8th - July 2nd. 

Please visit this website for more information include times: CNUSD Summer School 2020

Two sessions are offered and each session is equivalent to one semester of a regular school year. Students who failed a class/semester (F grade) will need to make up that class/semester if the class is offered over the summer. The counselors will also schedule students who earned a D grade in a core class into a summer school class for a chance to earn a better grade in order to be a-g eligible for college. If you think you will fail a second semester class, speak with your counselor by mid-late May to adjust your summer and 2020-21 schedule.

Students will be scheduled into summer school at the same time they are scheduled into 2020-21 school year classes. After that articulation visit with your counselor, parents will need to complete the online re-enrollment through Parent Connect to finalize enrollment into summer school and the following school year. 

Students will take the following course (unless previously noted to your counselor as to why the student cannot take the course over the summer). Making up D/F grades take priority over taking these courses:

Current 9th (mandatory, however extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration):

  • Health Hybrid: Students attend the course two times a week for 90 minutes each time and will complete the majority of the work at home. The exact period for which the student is scheduled is determined at a later time, however in extenuating circumstances, a preference can be taken into consideration.

Current 10th (mandatory, however extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration):

  • PE: Students who PASSED the PE Fitness Test in 9th grade will attend both sessions for the four weeks.
  • US History: Students who did NOT pass the PE Fitness Test in 9th grade can take US History during the summer and PE during 11th grade year OR take both US History and PE during 11th grade year. 

Current 11th (mandatory, however extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration):

  • Fine Arts: Students attend both sessions for the four weeks.
    • If you are in band or have taken a fine art already, we can further discuss your summer school options. 

Language Arts Summer (links will be updated soon):

eSTEM Language Arts Summer Reading for incoming 9th and 10th graders
Summer Language Arts Institute for incoming 11th and 12th graders in AP Language Arts/Literature

If students are unable to complete these courses or the courses they need to make up (D/F grades) over the summer, students will not be on track with the 4 year plan. These courses will then be placed in future years, which may result in the student taking 7 courses or being taken out of the STEM elective. These courses planned for the summer are required to graduate and/or to fulfill A-G requirements.

2020-21 School Year:

2020-21 School Year Course Selection:

Current 11th Grade Course Selection Sheet

Current 10th Grade Course Selection Sheet

Current 9th Grade Course Selection Sheet

Current 8th Grade Course Selection Sheet

Honors and AP Courses:
Enrollment into Advanced Placement and Honors courses is encouraged for students who wish to challenge themselves academically. We encourage students to enroll especially if they have demonstrated interest. We do ask that those enrolling in 3 or more AP/Honors courses thoroughly review the AP/Honors course description here. It is important to understand the time commitment, expectations, requirements, and rigor levels of the class(es). Students must also consider their extracurriculars and the time they devote to it after school. A balanced schedule is the key to success and a good well-being. 

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