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Q: What is the enrollment process for the Eastvale STEM Academy?

A: At the STEM Academy, we believe in ACCESS for all students. There are no enrollment criteria, requirements, or interviews for STEM students except that students must have an interest and commitment in the STEM program. Students who are interested and can commit to the program requirements need to complete the online application by its deadline. Admittance is not a guarantee; please see our 2020-21 enrollment information page.

Q: How many spots are available for enrollment?

A: Enrollment numbers for the STEM program will be capped at 190 students each year.

Q: What are the program requirements?

STEM students take 4 years of science
STEM students take 4 years of mathematics
STEM students complete 4 years of STEM electives
STEM students take summer school 
STEM students must maintain satisfactory academic standing once in the program
STEM students are expected to complete an annual science project in 9th and 10th grades

Q: What programs can STEM students be in?

A: If your student is interested in STEM, your students may enroll in the following classes/program. However, note that this will mean that one or more of your student's core classes may not be cohorted with STEM teachers/students depending on the master schedule and period placements of certain classes. 

  • Athletics
  • Dual Language Immersion
  • Class Council
  • Band (concert band AND marching band)
  • Student Clubs

Note: It is not advised for 9th grade STEM students to take classes beyond the required 6 on the STEM pathway as this is a transitional year of rigor and social changes between middle school and high school. Students may elect to take 7 classes in 11th grade. 

Q: What programs conflict with STEM?

A: If your student is interested in STEM and the following programs, they will have to make a choice. The following programs have a course that the student must take in their schedule that will conflict with the STEM program.

  • AVID
  • Student leadership classes, particularly in 9th and 10th grades (i.e. Peer Counseling, ASB, Link Crew, etc.)

Q: If my student has a 504 Plan or an IEP, is he/she automatically excluded from STEM?

A: The STEM Academy believes in ACCESS for all. If your student has a 504 Plan or IEP, we will need to review the 504 Plan or IEP to ensure that they can be appropriately serviced through the STEM Program and its courses. We currently have students who have 504 Plans or IEPs in our STEM Program.

Q: My student is in the EL (English learner) Program. Can he/she be a part of STEM?

A: Dependent on their EL level, students may or may not participate in STEM due to having to be enrolled in certain classes to support their language proficiency needs. Our counselors and EL Coordinator would have to review each EL student’s case to ensure that we are in compliance in serving your student.

Q: My student is currently not enrolled in CNUSD and/or at ERHS but I plan to do that very soon. Do I do that BEFORE or AFTER my student has been accepted into the STEM Program?

A: If your student is accepted into the STEM Program, you will then need to ensure that the student is appropriately enrolled in CNUSD and ERHS before they can be officially enrolled into the STEM Program. That will be the parents’ responsibility. Being enrolled in the STEM Academy does not automatically enroll the student at ERHS and/or CNUSD.

Q: What will my student’s schedule look like his/her 9th grade year?

A: STEM students will take six (6) classes.
  • Lang Arts 9/9 Honors
  • Integrated Math 1 or 2/Enhanced 1
  • Medical Biology/Biology Honors
  • Medical Spanish 1 or Spanish 2 or Chinese 2
  • Computer Science (1 sem)/Intro to Engineering & Design (1 sem)
  • Introduction to PE or Athletics or Concert Band AND Marching Band

Please note:

STEM students will be placed in their appropriate math courses according to district assessment.
STEM students will be placed in their appropriate world language courses.
STEM students in band are signed up for Marching Band during 7th period for PE credit.

Q: Is my student able to take AP Human Geography or other electives not on the standard 9th grade STEM schedule?

A: STEM students will have 6 classes (listed above). It is not recommended for students to take more than 6 classes as 9th grade is a transitional year both academically and socially.

Q: How many pathways are available and when must my student select a pathway?

A: Currently, the Eastvale STEM Academy offers two pathways: Medical Science and Engineering. All STEM 9th graders will get exposure to both pathways through their medical biology course and their STEM elective course, which is Intro to Engineering/Exploring Computer Science. Then as they meet with their counselor during February/March of their 9th grade year to schedule classes for summer school and 10th grade, they must then select a pathway. Each pathway has different STEM electives.

Q: What classes will my student take in STEM and can he/she take honors/AP classes?

A: Students have the option of taking honors/AP classes. Please see the STEM Pathway for the courses scheduled for each school year and for the summers. 

Q: Can students join STEM after the application period?

A: Current 8th graders who are looking to apply can still apply and be placed on a waiting list. Current ERHS students who are interested in STEM may apply for the wait list in the STEM administration office. The number of wait list students admitted into STEM will be based on the number of students who drop from the program in their grade level. Students may be admitted at the beginning of fall or spring semester. 

Q: How do current ERHS students apply for STEM?

A: Current ERHS students can visit the STEM administration building to pick up an application. The application will be placed in a wait list file. The number of wait list students admitted into STEM will be based on the number of students who drop from the program in their grade level. Students may be admitted at the beginning of fall or spring semester. 

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