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College Planning


Beauty Schools Directory
Californa career guide for aspiring beauty professionals.

College and Career Guide for Psychology Majors
This guide is designed to provide information on how to sucess in college & in your career. Includes tips on finding internships and scholarships.
Resource on finding the right trade school

Students leaving home

Ultimate Guide To College For Latinx & Hispanic Students

LGBTQ Pride Month Resources
A College Guide for LGBTQ Students
College Scholarships for LGBTQ Students
LGBTQ Student Scholarship from
LGBTQ STEM Scholarship from

College Planning Guide for students with learning disabilities
" extensive planning guide for students with disabilities to ensure they understand their rights, potential accommodations, and  and scholarships available specifically to them."

A Guide to Managing Your Studies
"This guide provides value to your audience by listing a plethora of credible resources in time management, note-taking, study skills, and stress management."
Scholarships and Resources for Hispanic and LatinX students.
Scholarships and online resource for Psychology students
Guide to Online Psychology Degrees
A guide for the UC application process.  (note- college testing is not required at this time)

The College Planning Guide for High School Students by
Know what to expect and what steps to take.
  • A year-by-year breakdown of tasks high school students should complete
  • Recommendations on how students can decide upon an academic major
  • An explanation of the different types of institutions of higher education available
  • An introduction to securing financial aid or scholarships
  • Pointers on how to prepare for standardized tests
A MBA guide which includes insight on what students should expect before getting an MBA.

Financing Your Two-Year College
We crafted an open-use resource guide that covers the educational, financial, and career benefits of attending a community college.
Financial Literacy for Students

"We believe student learning financial literacy at an early age helps them make better financial decisions for their future.  We've created a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide that promotes financial literacy among students."

How to Choose a Major - Tips, Tactics, and Examples.

SJVC Career Resource Guide
Find the career that's right for you.  Our career resource guide is packed with informative articles and infographics about career options you may be interested in. 

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Magoosh resources includes High School SAT/ACT blog, ACT resource page, and college admissions blog

A resource that empower prospective students to make informed decisions about their education.  This site offers information from college ranking to how financial aid options work.

Trade Schools Resource.  Find out what does a trade school career entail. 

University HQ College ROTC Programs Resource
Top resources to help you prepare for College ROTC programs.  University HQ is a fee education resource helping students navigate through Higher Education. 

College Prep Checklist.pdf
Checklist includes:
Money for College
Your To-Do List  by high school grade level
Adult Students

Explore Nursing Degrees
     Types of Nursing Degrees
     Careers in Nursing
     Popular Resources

LPN Programs
Thriving as a Nursing Student

NCLEX Pass Rates  
Pass rates for RN programs in California

Healthcare Administration Degree options
Discover proves free educational information and resources on their Healthcare Administration. - LPN programs
"To ease the confusion and answer some of the most commonly asked questions, our nursing experts at ranked the top LPN programs. In this guide, we discuss the benefits, applicant requirements, and career trajectories. Additionally, we have provided tips for underrepresented nursing students to set them up for success in the classroom." 

Gender Diversity in Computer Science
"For many businesses, "gender diversity" refers to the inclusion of women in a traditionally male-dominated industry, such as computer science. Including more women is an important goal. However, true gender diversity encompasses identities beyond the binary genders of "man" and "woman." People may describe their genders using terms like "genderqueer" or "nonbinary." Gender diversity should also include transgender people."

Teaching & Psychology Education Guides
"Includes lists of scholarships, comprehensive degree program data, licensing & certification info by state, and career profiles for the industry."
Teaching Degrees     Psychology Degrees

Early Childhood Teacher 
Early Childhood Teacher Resource
How to Become an ECE Teacher in California
How to Become an ECE (Outside of CA)

Addiction Counselor Resources
Addiction-counselor Degrees
How to Become an Addiction Counselor in California
Financial Resources for Hispanics and Latinos
Resources for LGTBQ + Homeless Youth
Native American Communities and Financial Resources
Library Science Degrees
Speech Pathology Degrees Resources:
   Subjects by degree
        Colleges by state
Classroom Transition Guide
Guide to Entry-Level Jobs
Hispanic Serving Institutions
Resource for undocumented Asian students

Best College Degrees and Majors Guide
Top Associate, Bachelor's & Master's Degree Programs, Careers and Salary Options

Resources for faith-centered majors has created a guide on scholarships for students wanting to pursue religious students.

Celebrating International Women -
A guide to help you celebrate International Women's Day and the achievements of women worldwide.  Discover its history, its importance, and ways to celebrate. Internship Guide created an "internship guide that explores valuable opportunities, including the critical attributes of an internship application."

BestColleges.Com created a career exploration guide, scholarship guide, and masters of social work programs.  The guides includes:
Best Online Bachelor's of Social Work Programs; Standard SW courses; Social Work Scholarships; Career Trajectory.
Online Social Work Degree Programs
Financial Aid Social Work Scholarship
Top Online Masters-Social Work Programs
How to obtain a bachelor's degree in social work & where to attend

How to Code
Our team at BestColleges crafted a guide that provides ten resources to help teach your kids how to code. 

Top 10 Historically Black Colleges and Universities
"Our college planning experts at have curated a guide that looks at some of the top HBCUs to help prospective students decide which HBCU might be the best place to enroll."

Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs by
Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) provide a nurturing environment for learners most at risk of the college achievement gap. Additionally, these institutions serve as a safe space for educating minority students living amidst the unstable racial climate of America. 

The student's Guide to Managing Stress -
"Stress is just one of the many hurdles college students face." This is a "curated guide that addresses this issue of stress while providing ample resources and opportunities for students to deal with stress positively."
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