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ASB Student Surveys

Carson Gilliland

Hey mustangs! I’m Carson Gilliland and I’m running for prom king! If you don’t already know me, you might have seen me around campus putting up posters or dancing in the pep rallies! I’m a very involved student here at Roosey and I’ve loved giving back to our school through groups on campus like ASB, Class Council, Theatre, Pom Squad and CSF. I truly love being a part of the ERHS student body & helping out in any way I can. Running for prom has been something that my best friend Brielle and I have been planning since our freshman year! We’ve been close ever since middle school and have been dance partners for 4 years now! Brielle and I would be honored to be prom king and queen, and with your vote, we can make #prompossible!

Jesus Spear

Hi Mustangs! My name is Jesus Spear and I am senior here at Eleanor Roosevelt, for the time that I have been here it’s been an unforgettable experience and have made memories that I will tell as stories when I’m older. While I was here I was able to be a part of the Choir family and be in Madrigals since freshman year and Polynesian club which I call my Ohana. I have had the pleasure of helping take pictures for powderpuff, performing during the every 15 minutes memorial, and running in ERHS’s first ever Mr. and Mrs. Mustang pageant. With that in mind, I decided to run for prom and I am definitely grateful to have been nominated and get the opportunity run with Skyler Gabat. I have always wanted to run for a school dance and even being able to wear the sash has been a cool experience. It would mean so much to me to win and be crowned Prom King. To conclude, I would like to leave off on this note: This last month and a half will be a bitter sweet time, so as a senior class, let’s not leave high school with any regrets. I read this quote by Earl Nightingale and its goes: “Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored. “. Ending on that note please make sure to vote for Skyler Gabat and I for prom Queen and King #skysus4prom

Rizwan Syed

HEY class of 2019!! My name is Rizwan Syed and I am so happy to be running alongside Cynthia Horta, my amazing girlfriend, for the crown of Prom King and Queen against other fellow nominees. Throughout my high school career I have been involved programs like AVID and varsity/junior varsity wrestling while establishing a 3.6 cumulative GPA. Yes, while these are excellent programs that I will never forget, but running for prom court with my lovely girlfriend will be the best thing we have ever done. Coming out of our comfort zone to run has improved my High school career. So I think you should VOTE for us because of this and with our passion and love for our school and our mustangs we can be the best Prom KING and QUEEN to ever run!!! Thank you so much!!!

Jacob Caamal

My name is Jacob Caamal and I would love to be your next prom king. I am currently on our ERHS news team, so many of you might know me from there. I am so happy that I got nominated into our prom court because I get to be able to be more involved in our school activities and events, while meeting many other students on our campus. Thanks for voting, and I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at prom!!!!

Brielle Mesropian

Hey guys! My name is Brielle Mesropian and who I am can be summarized into one word: passionate. I am passionate about A LOT of things, so let's get into it! First, it would be dancing. I've been dancing since I was 3. Every performance, class, or improv has given dance a new meaning and purpose in my life. Next, community. Being a part of the United Way Junior Board enabled me to impact the lives of disadvantaged kids in CNUSD by giving them an equal opportunity to reach their fullest academic potential. This leads to another passion of mine, leadership. To me, leadership isn't always a title. It is moments like teaching a young aspiring dancer how to do a double turn or tutoring an 8th grader and seeing his sigh of relief up when he finally understands the difference between effect and affect. It's the moments when the younger generation can learn and grow from you. When I go off to college to study civil engineering -while still dabbling in the art of dance- I hope to continue inspiring and helping others. My best friend Carson and I would be honored to be prom King and Queen, so of course, let's make #prompossible!

Cynthia Horta

Hey Mustangs! My name is Cynthia Horta and I’m so grateful to be on Prom Court alongside my lovely boyfriend, Rizwan Syed, and the other nominees. I’ve been involved here at Roosevelt by being in AVID and playing on the Varsity Volleyball team while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Although those are both great programs that will be a big part of my high school memory, I felt like I needed to step out of my comfort zone a little more which is why I decided to run for Prom Royalty. With our involvement, passion for the school and love for our fellow mustangs, I believe you should vote Rizwan Syed and Cynthia Horta for Prom King and Queen. Thank you so much!

Michelle Anyanwu

Hi guys my name is Michelle Anyanwu. However, most of you know me by my nickname Mitchi. I am from Nigeria and I am an Igbo girl. I transferred to Roosevelt sophomore year and it has be nothing short of interesting. I started with basketball here and that led me to meet some of my closest friends. I then joined Class Council junior and senior year. I also am currently a part of the Link Crew Club and I love my little freshman. At Roosevelt I have met so many different kinds of people and learnt so many new things about different cultures and countries. As a senior, I can say that I really loved the time I spent here and love all my friends that I have made here.

Skyler Gabat

Hi mustangs! I am Skyler Gabat, I have been here at Roosevelt for four amazing years. In these years, I have been involved in Polynesian club, the soccer team, class council, link crew, California Scholarship Foundation, AVID, and television production. I have been in these clubs all while maintaining a 4.0 accumulative GPA. I take pride in school spirit and making others feel welcomed here at this campus. With that being said, becoming prom queen would mean so much to me. Ever since freshman year, I have always strived to run for a school dance. Thankfully, I have been nominated and I can’t be any more grateful to be a part of such an amazing court with great people. Here’s a small message to my phenomenal friends and classmates: As senior year comes to an end, I hope we all can come together to enjoy prom all together. It is our last dance and school function until we reach graduation and depart our separate ways. Good luck to everyone in all of your future endeavors. To conclude, I hope you decide to vote Skyler Gabat & Jesus Spear for Prom Queen and King, as I believe we both deserve this crown! Thank you all! #SKYSUS4PROM #Cheeeeehoooo



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