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Schedule Changes

Is there a way students can select their teacher for a particular course? 
Although students may have a different learning style than the way their teacher teaches, a large part of life’s survival skills is learning how to adapt and work with various personalities and teaching styles.  Many students often find that the teacher they were not so fond of early in the semester becomes one of their favorites by the end of it.  If we were able to match you with your favorite teacher, what a rude awakening college and the workforce would be!  Of course, we also need to balance classes and teacher class sizes equitably.

When can I make a schedule change request
Students are able to request schedule changes the first week following the beginning of a semester. No changes will be made after these deadlines. Contact your school counselor or administrator should you have any questions or concerns. 
What if I need a schedule change after the first week of the beginning of a semester? 
School policy will only allow changes to be made to a schedule within the first week of a semester unless stated in an IEP. No changes will be made after these deadlines (no exceptions). Contact your counselor or an administrator should you have any questions or concerns. 
How do I make a schedule change request?
1. Students can visit their assigned counselor before school, during their lunch, and/or after school. Please note that our counseling team encourages students to take full advantage of instructional time; therefore students should not stop by the counselor's office during passing period and/or during class time. A schedule change is carefully reviewed and will take time.
2. If a student cannot visit his/her counselor during the indicated times above, the student can email his/her counselor. Contact information can be found on the Home and Contact pages.
What are some approved reasons for a schedule change?  
 As always we strive to service our students the best we can; therefore, we have developed some policies and procedures with regards to schedule changes. Schedule changes will be made according to space available in classesClasses are heavily impacted and there are not many seats left to move students around. Be advised: making a schedule change for one class may result in changing the rest of your schedule. Below are approved reasons for requesting a schedule change:
  1. Enrolled in a course you have already completed w/ C or better.
  2. Enrolled in a course for which you have not met the prerequisite.
  3. Do not have a full schedule of 6 classes.
  4. Did not receive a course required for graduation.
  5. Did not receive a course for program/course for which you have been approved or made the team. All approvals require an email or written note from coach or teacher.
What are some common reasons why my schedule change request was not approved?  
 We simply cannot make custom schedules for everyone; therefore, schedule changes for the following reasons cannot be honored:
  1. Teacher preference
  2. Lunch time preference
  3. Period preference
  4. Personal convenience 

Note: AP courses will not be dropped without administrative approval.
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