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11th Grade

Junior Year

Junior year is a key year in your pursuit of college. This is the year to narrow down the colleges you want to attend and your potential majors. This is also the year to challenge yourself with more AP and honors courses, or perhaps even take a Dual Enrollment course with Norco College. 

  • Review the Junior Grade Level Newsletter (link above).
  • Review high school graduation and college admission requirements.
  • Are you on-track? Do you need to add an extra class?
  • Log into your account. You can organize your college list and complete research all in one place. 
  • Begin your college list. Review key factors: Major, Size, Location, Cost.
  • Take a campus tour at a local university.
  • If needed, sign up and take the ACT or SAT in February, March, April or June. The University of California and California State systems will no longer accept these tests for admission purposes. Out of state and private colleges/universities may still require or use for test optional review. Please research requirements on each schools website. 
  • Start saving for college applications. The average cost can range from $50- $70 per campus. 
  • Get familiar with financial aid and the process.
  • Continue to volunteer, work or participate in an internship related to your future career/major. 
  • Begin college essays or the University of California Personal Insight Questions (PIQ).
  • Attend college admissions presentation in the Career Center.
  • If you want to play college sports you will likely need the ACT or SAT.
  • NCAA: If you want to play Division I or II sports in college, start the certification process and meet with your counselor to make sure you're taking the right classes. Check the NCAA link under "Resources."
  • Start taking practice tests or sign up for a prep course 
  • PSAT: You likely took the PSAT during Sophomore year, but it is recommended that you take it again in October of your junior year. Taking the PSAT qualifies you for the National Merit Scholarship program, and who wouldn't want a chance to earn money for college?
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